The UEF Difference

UEF grants have helped broaden the impact of nearly every major outreach project that ASCE has developed. The foundation’s support is invaluable.”

Jane Howell, Chief Communications Officer, American Society of Civil Engineers

The UEF Difference

Photo by David Hathcox

The United Engineering Foundation (UEF) has been a driving force in the engineering profession for more than 100 years.

Its membership consists of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE), American Institute of Mining Engineers (AIME), American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). This broad base of membership provides the UEF with incredible depth, breadth and knowledge about the profession.

With the ability to support projects and programs through grants to engineering and scientific associations to allow new innovative ideas come to life, the UEF has truly had an impact on our world.

Our Impact on Engineering

Engineering Ethics

The goal of the project was to sponsor a series of two hour ethics programs for students of all engineering disciplines. The programs were intended to be offered live at a number of selected engineering universities, which were chosen on the basis of the size of the engineering student body, geographic distribution of the selections, and scheduling availability. The programs consisted of a panel presentation developed by and featuring engineering professionals from several of the major engineering disciplines, each of whom was selected on the basis of his/her expertise and demonstrated commitment to engineering ethics and professional issues.

The Next MacGyver

Sponsored by the United Engineering Foundation, the project sought ideas for a scripted television show featuring a female engineer character in a leading role. The goal of the competition is to create a historic TV series that inspires young people, especially women, to pursue careers in engineering.

DiscoverE Grant

The United Engineering Foundation’s generous $68,750 has enabled DiscoverE to increase program participation in the DiscoverE Educator Awards among educators, engineers, and college engineering students, and will increase the public awareness of the collaboration between engineers and educators.  The following is an interim report on the activities that DiscoverE has undertaken from January 2015 to July 2015.

Engineering for Change Grant

E4C is a global community of organizations and individuals dedicated to promoting sustainable and accessible technology-based solutions for underserved communities worldwide. Targeting the intersection between engineering and development practitioners, E4C’s mission is to enable this community to serve the underserved and do its work better.

This document provides a report of the work completed by Engineering for Change (E4C) that was made possible by the grant of $143,000 generously provided by UEF.

The Land Divided, The World United: Building the Panama Canal Grant

The Linda Hall Library mounted a nine-month gallery exhibition opening on April 8, 2014, entitled, The Land Divided, The World United: Building the Panama Canal. With generous funding provided by the United Engineering Foundation, the Library created a web version of the exhibition that will serve as a permanent learning tool explaining the construction and social histories of the Canal.

WGBH Design Squad

WGBH is pleased to submit the following report to the United Engineering Foundation on the
2011 achievements of Design Squad. We greatly appreciate your continuing support, which has
helped us launch and sustain efforts that engage tweens, engineers, educators, and parents in
investigating STEM concepts and the creativity of invention.

Engineering Public Policy Symposium

The Engineering Public Policy Symposium was successfully integrated with the National Academy of Engineering Convocation and the American Association for Engineering Societies (AAES) Awards Dinner and Board Meeting.  ASME worked closely with the NAE, AAES, the Founder Societies and the Co-Sponsors to coordinate all activities associated with the Symposium.  The UEF and Founder Societies received significant acknowledgement and recognition. In all, over 40 engineering societies cosponsor the UEF funded Engineering Public Policy Symposium.