For the Welfare of Humanity

For the Welfare of Humanity

The UEF Grants Program

If it is Good for the Engineering Profession, Good for Collaboration, and Good for the Public, the UEF Grants Program is Good for You.
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Prioritization of Proposals

For those concept papers selected for an invitation, submission of a detailed proposal, by 11:59 p.m. EST August 1st.

UEF Founder Societies

Five major engineering societies have and continue to play a key role in UEF activities.

UEF and Linda Hall Library

Learn about UEF’s stewardship of engineering knowledge and history through its relationship with the Linda Hall Library.

Grant Spotlight

Engineering Ethics Videos

The goal of the project was to sponsor a series of two hour ethics programs for students of all engineering disciplines.

2017 UEF Annual Report

In 2017, the United Engineering Foundation (UEF) completed its 113th year of operations. The UEF continued the robust tradition as a significant leader in the engineering community. The UEF maintained an endowment that closed the year with funds in excess of $19,450,000, which is up significantly from 2016 which had an excess of $17,700,000. The 2017 endowment provided resources for the funding of additional grants in 2017 that demonstrated the Foundation’s continued commitment to its vision of advancing the engineering arts and sciences for the welfare of humanity.

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The UEF Difference

Thank you for your grant to support the “The Next MacGyver” project, which allowed world-wide crowd-sourcing of ideas for a TV show featuring an female engineer lead character and engaging top Hollywood talent to provide a real shot at making that long-desired goal happen. It is inspiring and refreshing to know there are organizations like yours willing to take on “outside-the-box” ideas that could have outsized impact."

Randy Atkins, Director of Communications, National Academy of Engineering