Lives, Not Grades

UEF grants have helped broaden the impact of nearly every major outreach project that ASCE has developed. The foundation’s support is invaluable.”

Jane Howell, Chief Communications Officer, American Society of Civil Engineers

Grantee Spotlight: Documentary Film “Lives, Not Grades”

The objectives of project were to create a unique, feature-length documentary file chronicling the leading role of engineers in addressing the greatest humanitarian crisis since 1945.

Emmy AcceptanceRe-imagine the role of engineers in the public imagination.

Maximize domestic and global distribution of the final documentary.

This is all part of the Virtual Refugee Exchange International (VREI) at USC – the first university initiative to partner U.S. engineering students with refugee students in camps based in Lesvos, Greece.

“The United Engineering Foundation had the vision to support a project that is all about engineering solving global challenges – a film that is now inspiring young people everywhere to see engineering through a different lens – one that has people at the center of engineering and technological innovation.”

Daniel Druhora
Director, New Initiatives
Lecturer, USC Viterbi School of Engineering

Grades, Not Lives Report

Download the final report summarizing the results of the Grades, Not Lives project.